The Joint Center for Deployment and Research in Earth Abundant Materials (JCDREAM) announces a request for proposals to develop a body of data, analysis and research into the supply chains that are critical to Washington State’s continued leadership in clean energy, transportation, and defense innovation and industrialization. This request will close on June 20, 2022 at 11:59 pm PST. For full announcement details, scoring criteria, and submission instructions, please view and/or download the materials at the bottom of this page.

We seek responses that will support the collection of a body of information that can be shared across Washington State to concerned citizens, legislators, business leaders and our Washington State advocates, researchers and innovators of a better future.

Successful proposals will describe the approach, proposed time and funding required to address the following critical data collection and display objectives:

  • Identification of the key supply chains supporting Washington State’s clean energy, transportation, and defense industries (i.e. trucking, aerospace, clean transportation fuels, hydroelectric power, nuclear power, solar power, wind power, long term energy storage systems, etc.)
    • Case study specific to the supply chain of Washington State’s hydrogen economy*
  • Identification of the critical materials that are essential to the competitive function of the key Washington State supply chains
  • Identification of critical material origins, bottlenecks in materials and component manufacturing, concentrations of foreign ownership in critical material supply chains,
  • Identification of current and emerging challenges and risk factors in sourcing critical materials for Washington State clean energy, transportation, and defense industries
  • Visualization of critical material supply chain data

 *As part of Washington State’s overall emphasis on growing a clean energy economy, The State intends to apply for a multi-billion dollar Department of Energy (DOE) Hydrogen Hub opportunity later in 2022. We believe that the critical materials supply chain assessment requested above would be of substantial interest to DOE. Based on previous DOE emphasis on critical material supply chains in the battery, solar, and rare earth materials sectors, we believe that DOE would look favorably upon Hydrogen Hub applications from regions where a sustainable supply chain is emphasized. To facilitate an expedited review of the hydrogen economy in advance of Washington State’s Hydrogen Hub Proposal, JCDREAM will favor a phased approach where the hydrogen supply chain is prioritized accordingly. This may include platinum group metals, other catalysts, or any materials needed to support the hydrogen and sustainable fuels sector including fuel cells, electrolyzers, sustainable fuel production plants, storage, transport, and processing.

 Additional analysis to provide insight into the following is preferred and should be priced separately as optional phased additions to the core proposal response:

  • Discussion of the impact of critical material challenges and risks to Washington State’s leadership in clean energy, transportation, and defense innovation
  • Assessment of the relative degree of urgency and impact of the identified challenges in and risks to Washington State critical material supply chains
  • Discussion of potential mitigation strategies to address the identified challenges in and risks to Washington State critical material supply chains


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For more information and an explanation of evaluation criteria, the full announcement is available as a PDF.