This funding opportunity is currently closed - the next round will open in February 2021. If you're looking for the funding opportunity for Curriculum Modules closing December 18th, please visit the Materials Washington Request for Proposals.


The Joint Center for Deployment and Research in Earth Abundant Materials (JCDREAM) announces a request for project proposals in support of experimental, theoretical, commercial and educational efforts to advance the use of earth abundant materials as substitutes for critical materials, promote awareness around critical materials issues, as well as novel recycling technologies for critical materials. Successful proposals will advance the use of earth abundant materials as replacements for critical materials in major Washington state industries, specifically clean energy and low-carbon transportation.

Successful proposals will address challenges articulated by the following JCDREAM objectives:

  • Ensure clean energy and transportation technologies are aligned with sustainable critical material supply chains
  • Connect WA State researchers, industry, and government around JCDREAM issues
  • Promote, facilitate, and fund research in earth abundant material alternatives to critical materials including rare earths and recycling of conflict mineral
  • Conduct educational outreach concerning earth abundant materials solutions and critical material issues to students, educators, the general public, policy makers, legislators, and industry decision makers

JCDREAM is highly interested in proposals focused on discovering innovative methods to promote the use of earth abundant materials or reduce the use of critical materials; establishing new approaches for low-impact efficient separation to enable re-use or recycling; discovering and developing earth abundant alternatives to critical materials; and discovering novel or more efficient uses of critical materials with the potential to scale to major industries over time. The primary application focus areas for earth abundant solutions funded by JCDREAM are clean energy and low-carbon transportation technologies. Proposals that work to secure critical supply chains relevant to the COVID-19 crisis are also welcome.

JCDREAM also seeks to expand educational programs around earth-abundant material solutions to critical materials and rare earths, and materials science solutions to clean energy and transportation challenges. JCDREAM aims to enhance workforce development through educational programs that improve awareness of earth abundant materials. Educators, communicators, and facilitators are encouraged to propose programs that will improve awareness among students, researchers, and the general public.

We seek creative ideas from private and public entities where JCDREAM seed grant funding will act as a bridge to the next level of progress. Principal Investigators (PIs) are encouraged to demonstrate their efforts to identify future funding opportunities, expand collaborative networks, and engage private/public partnerships to move towards commercializing new technology. Example uses of funds may include equipment (up to $5,000), wages, user fees, travel, consulting services, and more.

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