JCDREAM Symposium Postponed until Fall 2020


In light of the evolving COVID-19 situation, the JCDREAM Symposium will be rescheduled for Fall 2020. We are planning to retain our speakers and panels as they are while using these extra months to keep building an even bigger event. We have not determined a date for the rescheduled event yet, but we will give an update shortly.

All registration fees will be automatically reimbursed by Eventbrite.

Thank you for your patience. We hope to see you this fall!

2020 JCDREAM Symposium

Hear from the minds at the cutting edge of battery technology, electric fuels, and materials science education.

About the Symposium

JCDREAM tackles issues that threaten the sustainability of the world's ecosystem. This year's Symposium has the potential to create visible changes in Washington state policies, as well as making positive impacts on a national and global scale.

Join us for a day of exploration as some of our region’s most distinguished scientific minds come together to discuss and develop innovative solutions to the critical materials issues faced by clean energy and transportation sectors in the state.

Thought Leaders

JCDREAM has gathered the brightest minds to guide the 2020 Symposium. You'll enjoy talks from experts in critical materials, clean energy, alternative fuels, policy, and materials science education.

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Keynote Speaker

Professor Tom Graedel

Thomas Graedel is the Clifton R. Musser Professor of Industrial Ecology in the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University. Professor Graedel has dedicated his career to studying, publishing, and speaking on critical materials issues, their link to climate change, and industrial ecology. 

Professor Graedel is a Pacific Northwest native from Portland, Oregon. He was named the Regents' Distinguished Alumnus of Washington State University in 2019.
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Rep. Norma Smith
Opening Remarks
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Dan Schwartz
Moderator: Battery Technology
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John Plaza
Moderator: Electric Fuels
Mel Cossette B_W
Mel Cossette
Moderator: Materials Science Education in Washington


This year's agenda is packed with various perspectives on critical materials issues. You'll hear from researchers, industry professionals, educators, and government officials. Attendees will have the opportunity to contribute to the conversation as we propel Washington to the forefront of earth-abundant materials science.

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Session Details

Materials Science Education

With heavy industry, manufacturing, fabrication, and design occupying a large part of Washington’s economy, it is necessary to focus on our future workforce. By designing course modules in Materials Science for high schools and community colleges, we can ensure that Washington’s industrial future is cleaner and more earth-abundant.

Low-Carbon & Electric Fuels

The shift toward electrification is well underway in the passenger vehicle sector. Unfortunately, battery electric vehicle technology may never be fully viable for use in heavy trucking, marine, or aviation applications. Low carbon electric fuels will be necessary in the energy transformation happening worldwide, and Washington is already a hotbed for research on the topic.

Battery Technology & Electrification

The battery needs of heavy trucking, marine, aviation, and grid-scale energy differ from existing technologies. These sectors play a large role in Washington’s economy, and exploration of battery technologies that fit their needs is crucial to their success.

We'll see you there!


We want to make sure the Symposium is accessible to everyone interested. If you need financial assistance for the registration fee, please reach out using the form below. If you have any other questions, please use the form and our event coordinator will get back to you shortly.