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"Advancing Critical, Rare and Abundant Materials Education in Washington State"

About the Symposium

JCDREAM tackles issues that threaten the sustainability of the world's ecosystem. This Symposium Series aims to create visible changes in Washington state policies, as well as making positive impacts on a national and global scale.

Join us for engaging discussion and exploration as some of our region’s most distinguished scientific minds come together to develop innovative solutions to the critical materials issues faced by clean energy and transportation sectors in the state. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the discussion and network with others in virtual breakout rooms.

Thought Leaders

JCDREAM has gathered the brightest minds to guide the 2020 Symposium Series. You'll enjoy talks from experts in critical materials, clean energy, alternative fuels, policy, and materials science education.


Mel Cossette

Executive Director, National Resource Center for Materials Technology Education

Cossette has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing education, has developed technician training programs for industry and educational institutions, is a Master Mentor with the NSF ATE Mentor-Connect project, serves on numerous committees and national boards and worked in various industries prior to holding administrative positions in the community and technical college system. Cossette also acts as Principal Investigator for Project: TEAMM (Technician Education in Additive Manufacturing & Materials)  funded by the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education Program.

Ann Avary

Director, Northwest Center of Excellence for Maritime Manufacturing & Technology

Avary works directly with the marine industries of Washington State, standards organizations, state and national partners, to introduce industry-based technologies, processes and best practices in the classroom and lab to support the marine industries workforce. She has led multiple research projects focused on the marine industries workforce, emerging technologies and the development of industry-recognized skill standards.


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Upcoming Events

JCDREAM will be hosting the Symposium Series throughout the next several months. Check out our upcoming sessions and join our email list to get notified when registration is available.
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